Los Angeles Region FIRST® LEGO® League (LAR FLL)
2012 Community Events and Official Tournaments

This list will be updated during the year as new events are announced or updated.

2012 Teams Assigned to Tournaments (PDF, 28 pages, 193 KB, Updated 11/04/2012)

2012 Teams Assigned to Tournaments (XLS, 475 KB, Updated 11/04/2012)

FLL® Event Types

How to Register for Workshops and Tournaments

Community Events other than Practice Tournaments

SaturdayFeb. 11, 20129:00-4:00LEGOLAND California, CarlsbadFLL InvitationalLynn Crockett
SundayFeb. 12, 20129:00-4:00LEGOLAND California, CarlsbadFLL Invitational (overflow)Lynn Crockett
SaturdayJune _9:00-5:00Canceled - insufficient interestSpring Food Factor FLL TournamentLeRoy Nelson
SaturdayNov. 10, 2012
Tehachapi High School, TehachapiFLL ScrimmageDanielle Evansic
SaturdayFeb. 16, 20138:00-5:00LEGOLAND® California, CarlsbadFLL Cup SaturdayLynn Crockett
SundayFeb. 17, 20138:00-5:00LEGOLAND® California, CarlsbadFLL Cup SundayLynn Crockett

Practice Tournaments (PTs)

Practice Tournaments are Community Events held in the fall to help teams prepare for Qualifying Tournaments. Practice Tournaments were previously called Local Tournaments.

Each team is encouraged to attend a Practice Tournament (PT) prior to attending a Qualifying Tournament. A team may attend more than one PT if space is available at each event. Registration for PTs will be open October 1-15, 2012.

SaturdayOct. 208:00-NoonEagle Rock Plaza, Eagle RockEagle Rock Plaza FLL PTLeRoy Nelson
SaturdayOct. 209:00-4:00St. Bart's Youth Center, Long BeachShared Science FLL PTMichelle Wells
SaturdayOct. 278:00-5:00La Cañada High School, La CañadaBlockhead Bash IVSteve Zimmerman
SaturdayOct. 278:00-5:00Lancaster High School, LancasterHigh Desert LEGO TournamentNatalie Wenzel
Regan Basham
SundayOct. 289:00-2:00Peabody Charter School, Santa BarbaraPeabody Charter School FLL PTMichael Brown
SaturdayNov. 38:00-5:00Olga Reed School, Los AlamosLos Alamos FLL PTTy Fredriks
SaturdayNov. 38:00-3:30Santa Clarita Valley International (SCVi)
Charter School, Castaic - CANCELED
SCVi Charter School FLL PTJana Lesh
SundayNov. 48:00-4:00Mesa Union School, SomisMesa Union School FLL PTSusan Nemets
SundayNov. 42:00-6:00Richardson Middle School, TorranceTorrance FLL PTEvan Bass
SundayNov. 48:00-12:00Wilmington Middle SchoolWilmington MS FLL PTJose Sanchez
SaturdayNov. 109:00-5:00Dos Caminos Elementary School, CamarilloPVEF Camarillo FLL PTCarey Smith
Darren Patnoe
SaturdayNov. 108:00-5:00El Segundo Middle School, El SegundoEl Segundo FLL PTMeredith Beachly
SaturdayNov. 108:00-12:00135th Street Elementary School, GardenaGardena FLL PTCharles Cho
SaturdayNov. 108:00-5:00La Cañada High School, La CañadaBlockhead Bash <RewindSteve Zimmerman
SundayNov. 118:00-5:00Culver City Elks Lodge, Culver CityCulver City FLL PTAndres Islas

More information and events will be added as they become available.

How to Register for PTs

The tournament registration fee payment instructions for PTs will be provided when your registration is confirmed by the Event Coordinator.
Payment instructions are also available for some PTs by clicking on the Event Description link above.

Qualifying Tournaments (QTs)

Teams may only attend one Los Angeles Region FLL Qualifying Tournament (QT). Teams that attend qualifying events or championship events in other regions are not eligible to attend Los Angeles Region FLL qualifying events. Registration for Qualifying Events will be open October 1-15, 2012. When you register for the California-Los Angeles FLL Qualifying Tournaments, you will be able to specify your schedule constraints and preferences from the following list.

Update 10/4/12:  The new 11/17 Hollywood FLL QT replaces the 11/17 Torrance FLL QT, which is moving to 12/1.
                               The rescheduled 12/1 Torrance FLL QT replaces the 12/1 Manhattan Beach FLL QT, which is canceled.

SaturdayNov. 178:00-5:00Cal Poly PomonaCal Poly Pomona FLL QTLiberty Naud
SaturdayNov. 178:00-5:00Lakeview Junior High School, Santa MariaSanta Maria FLL QTTy Fredriks
SaturdayNov. 178:00-5:00South High School, Torrance
Helen Bernstein High School, Hollywood
Torrance FLL QT
Hollywood FLL QT

Tad Chanudomchok
SundayNov. 188:00-5:00La Cañada High School, La CañadaBlockhead FLL QTSteve Zimmerman
SundayNov. 188:00-5:00AGBU MDS, Canoga ParkCanoga Park FLL QTFadi Beyrouthy
SaturdayDec. 18:00-5:00Monte Vista Middle School, CamarilloPVEF Camarillo FLL QTDarren Patnoe
SaturdayDec. 18:00-5:00South High School, Torrance 
Manhattan Beach Middle School
Torrance FLL QT
Manhattan Beach FLL QT

Joe Petito
SundayDec. 28:00-5:00Jefferson Middle School, San GabrielSan Gabriel FLL QTJackie Avakian
SundayDec. 28:00-5:00Joe Walker Middle School, LancasterAntelope Valley Techno Classic
Nicholas Pontius
SundayDec. 28:00-5:00Cal Lutheran University,
Thousand Oaks
Cal Lutheran FLL QTBob Rumer

How to Register for QTs

Teams should not wait until their QT registration is confirmed to pay the $60.00 QT registration fee. Payments are due October 15, 2012. After registration closes on October 15, teams that have paid the tournament registration fee will be matched to QTs based on their constraints and choices, with priority being given to teams hosting events but not attending their own events and to teams with severely limited choices because of religious restrictions, etc. The order of payment, travel distance, and the order of registration will also be considered for events that are oversubscribed.

Teams supported by Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles (GSGLA) and by Pleasant Valley Education Foundation (PVEF) will have their QT registration fees paid directly by those organizations.

For other teams, payment of the $60.00 QT registration fee may be made by check payable to "Los Angeles Robotics", by electronic payment via Chase Person-to-Person QuickPay, or by Credit Card (via PayPal). See QT registration fee payment instructions.

Regional Championship Tournaments (CTs)

By invitation only. Approximately 28% of teams from each QT will advance to the CTs. An additional 5% of teams will be chosen as alternates. Teams that qualify for the California-Los Angeles FLL Championship Tournaments will be able to specify schedule constraints and preferences when they register for the CTs, similar to QT registration. The CT registration fee is $60.00 and is due one week after qualifying.

SaturdayDec. 158:00-6:00Chaminade College Preperatory
Middle School, Chatsworth
2012 Saturday Los Angeles Region FLL
Championship Tournament
LeRoy Nelson
SundayDec. 168:00-6:00Chaminade College Preperatory
Middle School, Chatsworth
2012 Sunday Los Angeles Region FLL
Championship Tournament
LeRoy Nelson

Regional Championship Tournament Awards and Scores 

FLL World Festival

By invitation only. Only teams that win the Champion's Award at regional championship events can qualify.

Wednesday-SaturdayApril 25-28, 2012Edward Jones Dome, America's Center Convention Complex,
St. Louis, Missouri
FLL World Festival 
Wednesday-SaturdayApril 24-27, 2013Edward Jones Dome, America's Center Convention Complex,
St. Louis, Missouri
FLL World Festival 116,3237

Open Championship Tournaments

By invitation only. Only teams that do very well at regional championship events can qualify.

Thursday-SundayMay 3-6, 2012Central FloridaFLL World Invitational Open: “Robots in Paradise”2500
Friday-SundayMay 18-20, 2012LEGOLAND® California, CarlsbadFLL North American Open Championship267,3455
Wednesday-SaturdayJune 6-9, 2012Mannheim, GermanyFLL European Open Championship
Tuesday-FridayMay 7-10, 2013Paderborn, GermanyFLL European Open Championship 
Friday-SundayMay 17-19, 2013LEGOLAND® California, CarlsbadFLL North American Open Championship214,7432
Thursday-SaturdayJuly 4-6, 2013Sydney, AustraliaFLL Pan Asia Open Championship

Other Events