Los Angeles Region FIRST® LEGO® League (LAR FLL)
2012 Senior SolutionsSM Challenge: 
Independent. Engaged. Connected.

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Can FIRST® LEGO® League teams improve the quality of life for seniors by helping them continue to be independent, engaged, and connected in their communities? In the 2012 Senior SolutionsSM Challenge, over 200,000 children ages 9 to16* from more than 60 countries will explore the topic of aging and how it may affect a person’s ability to maintain his or her lifestyle – solving issues like getting around, keeping in touch, or staying fit. Teams will research obstacles and then suggest ways to improve the quality of life for the seniors affected. Teams will also build, test, and program an autonomous robot using LEGO MINDSTORMS® robot to solve a set of missions on an obstacle course. Throughout their experience, teams will operate under FLL’s signature set of Core Values.

*9-14 in the US, Canada, and Mexico

2012 Senior Solutions Challenge

2012 Calendar

2012 Costs for California - Los Angeles Teams

Team Registration990305$225.00$19.61$15.75$260.44
FLL Robot Set (new teams)979792$420.00$36.75$29.40$486.15
Subtotal (New Team Grants)
Field Setup Kit779697$ 75.00$ 6.56$ 5.25$ 86.81
Total Products (new teams)
Team Registration + Field Setup Kit (returning teams)
Field Table (new teams) *

Project presentation materials & optional T-shirts (all teams)

 Tournament Registrations - October (all teams) **  $40-$250

* Practice field tables built with rigid foam insulation reduce weight and increase portability. 
   If you build a standard wooden table, use kiln-dried lumber to reduce weight and warping. Select boards that are not warped. 
  Stiffeners can be omitted if you support the field table with a standard table (preferably an 8' long table) instead of saw horses.

** Practice tournament fees are typically $40-$50. Qualifying tournament fees may be $60-$100. Attend one of each if possible.
    LAR FLL Championship Tournament fees may be $50-$100 for the top 25% to 30% of teams that qualify.
    Fees for qualifying and championship tournaments depend on sponsor support - more support means lower fees.
    The maximum values assume no additional sponsors are confirmed. The minimum values assume pending sponsors are confirmed.

    Recommended team budget for tournaments: $110. Budget $160 if you expect your team to qualify for the Championship.

Download Overview of 2012 Challenge, Calendar and Costs (PDF, 169 KB)

2012 Grants

Download Overview of 2012 Challenge, Calendar, Costs and Grants (PDF, 221 KB)

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