Los Angeles Region FIRST® LEGO® League (LAR FLL)
2011 Forms and Instructions for Events

Team InformationSheet

For each event, each team needs a team photo to complete four copies of the
2011 FLL Team Information Sheet (PDF with fields to fill in)  (also known as the Profile form)

FIRST Consent and Release Forms

For each event, each team participant needs to complete and sign the 
2011-12 FIRST Consent and Release Agreement  or the
2011-12 FIRST Consent and Release Agreement - Spanish

Coach's Promise

For each event, the coach needs to sign the
2011 FLL Coach's Promise

Robot Game Score Sheets

2011 FLL Robot Game Score Sheet (2 per page)
2011 FLL Robot Game Score Sheet with Mission Images

Judging Rubrics

2011 FLL Combined Rubrics for Core Values, Project and Robot Design (3 pages)

Core Values Poster (CVP)

Instructions for Core Values Judging and Poster-LA (2 pages). Our region is piloting the CVP this year.

Robot Design Executive Summary (RDES)

Instructions for Robot Design Executive Summary-LA (1 page). Our region is piloting RDES this year.

Awards Descriptions

2011 FLL Awards Descriptions (3 pages)

Snack Bag Labels for Field Setup Kit Small Parts

2011 Food Factor Small Parts Labels (Print on sheet of 2" x 4" labels)