Los Angeles Region FIRST® LEGO® League (LAR FLL)
FLL Challenge
First Steps for New Teams

Before the Challenge is Released (If Possible)

  • Register your team and purchase the Field Setup Kit and a FLL Robot Set (if you do not already have one).
  • Build or acquire a field table. See Team Resources.
  • Review the Coaches' Handbook.
  • Attend a Training Class or Summer Camp or listen to the first few Coach Calls. See Team Resources.
  • If you would like additional help or ideas, see the recommended books in Team Resources.
  • If none of the students has worked with LEGO® MINDSTORMS® before, have some students work through the tutorials to build a simple robot and demonstrate the use of each sensor. Those students can teach the others.
  • If you have time, additional Robot Building Examples and a Programming Tutorial are avalable on Team Resources.
  • Check your robot's rechargeable battery. These batteries are sometimes dead on arrival, and they often loose their ability to hold a charge after a couple years.

When the Field Setup Kit is received

  • Download the online Field Setup Kit Building Instructions by following the link printed on the paper in the box.
  • Sort the bags of LEGO parts by number. The Building Instructions indicate how many bags you should have with each number.  If you are missing any bags, call LEGO Education at 800-422-5346. Bags with no number have parts that are needed for several models.
  • Open a set of bags of LEGO parts with the same number from your Field Setup Kit and spread the parts out on a light colored towel or similar textured surface to keep the small round parts from rolling onto the floor and under furniture.
  • If there are beams or axles of the same color with several different lengths, It helps to sort them by length before you start building. Be careful to choose the ones with the right length by counting the holes on the beams.
  • Build the mission models for this set of bags by following the Building Instructions.
  • Repeat for each set of numbered bags.

When the Challenge is Released

The Game

  • Follow the online Field Setup instructions for proper placement of the mission models on the field mat with Dual Lock.
  • Review the Challenge Robot Game Missions, Rules and Q&A. The Q&A is usually updated once each week.
  • View the mission videos, if available.
  • Figure out how many points you can get without activating your robot.
  • Brainstorm easy ways that your robot could earn additional points.
  • Start working on the easy missions first.

The Project

  • Review the Challenge Project.
  • Brainstorm possible problems to research for your project.
  • Assign students to research potential problems--what is known, who are the experts in the field--and possible solutions.
  • Brainstorm possible experts that your team could interview about your project.

The Team 

  • Choose a team name and T-shirts to wear to competitions.
  • Discuss roles and responsibilites.
  • Discuss the Core Values.
  • Record the activities, decisions and progress of your team each day. This record will be helpful when you are preparing for tournaments.