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Our Mission: Support Our Mission, Our Founders, Core Values, For Parents, Participation Rules
Marketing Tools & Media Coverage: Promote FLL, Global Media, Stay Connected: Twitter, YouTube, FLL Blog
Challenge & Resources
- What is the FLL Challenge?
- Start a Team
- STEP 1: Learn about what we do
- STEP 2: Form your team & register
- STEP 3: Order your materials
- STEP 4: Begin working on the challenge
- STEP 5: Apply for a tournament
- STEP 6: Attend a tournament and celebrate your season
- Participiation Rules
- 2012 SENIOR SOLUTIONS Challenge
- Robot Game and Project, Core Values
- Official Supplemental Materials: Project, Robot Game, Judging, General
- Need Help? Important Email Addresses to Know
- Team Resources
- Stay Connected with FLL
- Preparation: Coaches' Handbook, FLL Products, Table Construction, Storage During Competition, Coach Calls, Fundraising
- Project
- Robot Game: Building, Programming, Curriculum
- Engineering & Career Resources
- Judging & Awards: Rubrics, Awards, Team Profile Sheet, About Judging, FLL Global Innovation Award
- Email Blast Archive, Forums, Challenge History
- FLL Global Innovation Award
Events: Overview and Types, World Festival, Invitational Open Championships. Judging & Awards
For Parents
- FLL Parent Page, FLL Basics (The ABCs of FLL), I'm New.. Where do I start?
- How Do I Get my Child on a Team?, Learn Alongside Your Child
- Our First FIRST year, Average Cost of Activities for 3 months

FLL US/Canada Website

FLL Global Website (links to Global Website above)
Support Our MIssion (links to Global Website above)
What is the FLL Challenge? (links to Global Website above)
Team Stuff
- Start a Team (links to Global Website above)
- Register Your Team (US/CAN) (links to FLL Team Registration and Events System below)
- 2012 SENIOR SOLUTIONS Products and Pricing
- Looking to connect with others to form a team? Try TeamUp!
- Edit Team Profile (US/CAN)
- 2012 SENIOR SOLUTIONS Challenge (links to Global Website above)
- Team Resources (links to Global Website above)
- Events (links to Global Website above)
- Judging and Awards (links to Global Website above)
- Email Blast Archive (links to Global Website above)
- FLL Forums (links to Global Website above)
- Stuff to Bring to and Event
- FLL Blog
For Parents (links to Global Website above)
Official Events (links to Events on Global Website above), Unofficial Community Events
Marketing Tools
- Marketing FAQ for FLL Teams
- Promotional Fliers, Brochures, Annual Report, and Presentations
- Photos, Videos, FIRST and FLL Logos, 2012 SENIOR SOLUTIONS Challenge Logo, Poster & Certificate
- FLL Press from Around the World (links to Global Media on Global Website above)
Challenge History (links to Global Website above)
US and CAN Contacts, Donate to FIRST

FLL Team Registration & Events (TRE) System

Important Registration Information
- Creating Account, Edit User Profile
- Team Registration, Multiple Team Registration
- Products & Pricing, Ordering Information, Order Contacts, Order Statuses, Payment Information and Options
- Coach Invitiation Process, Event Application Process, Event Group Prodess
- List of FLL Regions
- Schedule